Leigh Art Trail 15th-22nd June 2013

Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's all go in the run up to Leigh art trail,

brilliant and slightly messy day out for the kids and grown ups.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Leigh Art Trail - part of the Essex Summer of Art - win a weekend away and help the Trail!

Things are hotting up for this year's Leigh Art Trail.

With only 20 days to go before it all starts on Saturday 20th June it's getting to the point when the exhibitors (well me!) start to realise that they really need to create some work!

Things have already kicked off for us with the launch of the Essex Summer of Art which the Trail is part of again for this year. Exciting because it pulls together 18 different art trails and open studios that are going on in Essex this summer and important as the feedback we get from the Summer of Art evaluations could help us get sponsorship for the 2011 Trail. Yes, I really do think that far ahead.............

So during the Trail and also at our Taster Exhibition you're likely to get asked to fill out an evaluation form - but the good news is that you have the chance to win a weekend at Maison Talbooth.

This is our page on the visit essex website where you will also find an online version of the Summer of Art questionnaire


and here are a few picks of our artists at the Summer of Art launch on Friday 14 May.

The start of the trail

A Taste of Leigh Art Trail
Friday 4th-20th June
Storm Media
1727 London Road, Leigh on Sea

View a range of work, one piece from each artist and get a flavour of the trail in one hit.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Coming soon

I have been designing and making a lot of porcelain pieces over the past few weeks, most of which are still to be glazed. I am working on some new colours and effects- mostly in the pink zone as I have found virtually all glazes and pots available in that area are hideous, and I am determined to make something pleasing. I shall attach here a picture of one new piece but in one of my colours that has been in use for some time. Please come during the Art Trail to see the results. Old Leigh Studios 61 High St Old Leigh

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Colouring Book

We are looking to put together a LAT colouring book. nothing flash, just something for the Kids, with Black and White images from as many artists as possible.
If you find this a bit daunting I asked my 6 year old what makes a good colouring picture he said...lots of monsters, animals , lots of different bits of colour, aliens and lions eating people, He's a boy obviously
Here are some more ideas of ways to adapt your stuff to make it more colouringyfied.
Trace an existing landscape or photo and add something wierd
Play with some images on a photocopier-super big or really small
Simplify your current work and brake it down into colour blocks
Draw something everyday ...your dinner, a journey, view from a window
Remember something from when you were a child
Adapt a kids drawing..making it your own
Make up a superhero or fantasy landscape
Create a friendly monster
Illustrate a story, song, poem or saying..
It doesn't need to take hours, just a doodle while your on the phone would do.

The final date is the end of may so 2 weeks...so grab a glass of wine doodle away and send me the results( or drop them into Emma at Faux)

Thanks tricia

Monday, 3 May 2010

Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration
Originally uploaded by bridget davies
Bridget Davies.
One of the guest artists showing her work in the Leigh Art Trail.
Bridget's paintings (currently on sale in Peter Jones) and embroidaries will be shown in
Faux Gallery
70 the broadway
from the 12th - 20th of June