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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Colouring Book

We are looking to put together a LAT colouring book. nothing flash, just something for the Kids, with Black and White images from as many artists as possible.
If you find this a bit daunting I asked my 6 year old what makes a good colouring picture he said...lots of monsters, animals , lots of different bits of colour, aliens and lions eating people, He's a boy obviously
Here are some more ideas of ways to adapt your stuff to make it more colouringyfied.
Trace an existing landscape or photo and add something wierd
Play with some images on a photocopier-super big or really small
Simplify your current work and brake it down into colour blocks
Draw something everyday ...your dinner, a journey, view from a window
Remember something from when you were a child
Adapt a kids drawing..making it your own
Make up a superhero or fantasy landscape
Create a friendly monster
Illustrate a story, song, poem or saying..
It doesn't need to take hours, just a doodle while your on the phone would do.

The final date is the end of may so 2 weeks...so grab a glass of wine doodle away and send me the results( or drop them into Emma at Faux)

Thanks tricia

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  1. lots of monsters, animals , lots of different bits of colour, aliens... sounds like my work. In fact, there are some good ideas in there!Simon K.